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Here's the problem.  Our world is going digital so fast that kids aren't doing anything hands on anymore. Research suggests our phones and tablets as "shut up toys" could impede self control and problem solving skills in children.  This shouldn't be taken lightly. The world needs problem solvers and self control.  We can't forfeit that! Here's an article about that here: I want to present three things that will most definitely get kids going again.     1. Teach them music.   When we sing, read music, or play an instrument we access centers of our brain that were once dormant.  You can read about how singing out loud in a group affects the brain here I've taught guitar lessons...

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3 Ways to improve the "Bring Your Child to Work Day" experience

Have you ever brought your child to work and they end up sitting in your cubicle all day with you doing nothing?  Here's a few suggestions to give to your HR department and interns.  This doesn't have to be an isolated experience with just you and your child.   1. Have a scavenger hunt.  The kids will love this in the office setting.  It's kind of like roller blading in the hallways of your old grade school (so 1990's).  The kids will be more excited to be there when they're racing around looking for clues in teams. 2. Order pizza for everyone and setup the conference room with a speaker/video. If you need to tame a bunch of kids at once there's no better...

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Special Build Event at Hallmark Store in Canton, Michigan

You're invited to an exclusive event. Meet the artist who created our new, exciting line. JIM BUSTAMANTE, CONSTRUCT A TRUCK USA SATURDAY MARCH 19, 11AM - 1PM "The other small car company in Dearborn, Michigan." Jim Bustamante created Construct a Truck USA to give children heirloom-quality products that teach them the joys of creating and understanding how to build something unique. Stop by to meet Jim, shop his model kits, and even build a model truck with him on his unique mini-mobile assembly line. We hope you'll join us for this special event. Register to Win 1 of 4 Coffee Mug Coaster Kits While you're in, be sure to Register to Win one of four Coffee Mug Coaster Kits and...

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Demo at Hallmark stores March 19, 2016

Jim Bustamante, CEO of Construct A Truck USA, likes to describe his family business as “the other small car company in Dearborn, Michigan!”  Production of the company’s first truck, the Model B, takes place on a real assembly line.  Of course, it’s a smaller version of better known assembly lines— and small enough to be built into a 1966 Airstream trailer!  Kids (of all ages) can build a Rolling Chassis at Workstation #1, then roll down the line, through nine more workstations to assemble all the wood components of the Model B Truck.  Michael Bustamante, son and VP of Sales and Marketing, says, “Our precision wood kits are designed to be heirloom-quality projects that are fun to build.  You’re building...

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Santa wants a new sled!

The FlameThrower HotRod is on Santa's list.  With just a little extra Christmas spirit, this sled would fly around the world!  Maybe you deserve one, too!  Find the kit at Kids-N-Dogs in the Meridian Mall (Okemos, Michigan)

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