Demo at Hallmark stores March 19, 2016

Jim Bustamante, CEO of Construct A Truck USA, likes to describe his family business as “the other small car company in Dearborn, Michigan!”  Production of the company’s first truck, the Model B, takes place on a real assembly line.  Of course, it’s a smaller version of better known assembly lines— and small enough to be built into a 1966 Airstream trailer!  Kids (of all ages) can build a Rolling Chassis at Workstation #1, then roll down the line, through nine more workstations to assemble all the wood components of the Model B Truck. 

Michael Bustamante, son and VP of Sales and Marketing, says, “Our precision wood kits are designed to be heirloom-quality projects that are fun to build.  You’re building a stylish and sturdy wood model; but you’re also building a fond memory— both of which you will have for a lifetime.”

The models are designed to be a challenge and an educational process.

Basic tools, like a Phillips head screwdriver, a wrench and pliers, are needed to install the axles and screws.  Most of the models require a bit of glue, too.  And, the wood components are unfinished, so it is recommended that you paint the body panels and wheels before you begin assembly. 

Kids develop skills with basic hand tools and figure out how things go together.  Nurturing a child’s creativity and building their “I-can-do-it” confidence is what Construct A Truck USA is all about.

You can join us for the demo on March 19, 2016 at the Hallmark store in Canton, MI.


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