Our Story

We may be just a "small car company" in Dearborn, Michigan: but we've got big ideas!   We are proud to design and manufacture all our products in the USA!  Our NEW 3200 square foot production facility is in New Boston, Michigan.  We market our kits through hobby shops and gift stores, and at festivals, faires and craft shows.  Check our Retailers page to find a store near you.  

Design with Quality, Engineer for Fun!

That means laser-cut wood components for a precision assembly. . .  Quarter-inch steel axle rods for a robust and durable model. . . and hardwood plywood surfaces for a very unique appearance, whether or not  you paint it.

Children love to learn how things go together.  It's important that you, as parents, grandparents, big brothers and sisters, foster their talent.  We hope our kits can be part of your efforts to help them learn and discover the fun of manufacturing, and of building something with their own hands!

Holding each piece, painting some of the parts, following the assembly instructions, and watching the model come together is fun and exciting-- all while you and/or your child are problem-solving, using basic tools, developing spatial aptitude, and enhancing creativity.  

We started our company in 2014 with just the Model B Truck, and the world's first Mobile Assembly Line to let children of all ages build it.  Now we have 25 different model kits, and more on the drawing board!  So visit us often to see what's new.  Sign up for our newsletter/blog for previews, progress and specials, too!

Thanks for visiting Construct A Truck USA!

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