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Construct A Truck USA is an American company that has designed and manufactured model kits for you and your children. You know your kids are smart enough to do this and it's important that they try!

They'll have so much fun building these educational toys, they won't even know they're taking a test! Building these models will "jumpstart" their spatial aptitude. Child development benefits from the problem solving exercises inherent in these educational toys. On top of that, Moms and Dads love looking at these beautiful wood grain kits. Here's what parents are saying about the kits:

"WOW! We are blown away by our new jeep [US Ranger Command Vehicle]! My son loves playing with it and I love looking at it! My husband, Mr. Critic himself, is blown away at the quality and attention to detail! Our tradition will be to buy a new model for each special occasion! THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR TALENT WITH US! Keep them coming!"

The model kits range in price from $15-$225. The difficulty level generally increases as the size of the model increases. Educational toys like these are great for kids 5 and up.

Construct A Truck USA model kits:

  • have a positive influence on child development
  • teach kids to problem solve and see how things work
  • give parents a means to interact with their children using educational toys

Browse the selection of Models and Kits and find which one will best assist your child's creativity!

OR positively impact child development in a group setting by booking a "build event" with the Mobile Assembly Line!

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