Mongrel HotRod Pickup Kit
Mongrel HotRod Pickup Kit

Mongrel HotRod Pickup Kit

$ 40.00

Download Instructions here


The Mongrel Hotrod Pickup is a mid-sized stack build. Very little glue is required in this design. The parts get layered side by side, and the axle rods line up all the pieces for a solid and easy assembly. This model is great for builders of every level! You'll need a philips head screw driver, a pair of pliers to clasp the axle rod, a wrench for the lock nuts, and some wood glue to finalize this simple, yet totally boss, stack build!

Finished Model Dimensions (Mongrel Hotrod Pickup): 12" x 4.5"
(Mini Hotrod Pickup): 7" x 3.75"

Ages 5+

All model kits come in wood tone. Glue and paint not included.

Recommended tools: ratchet, philips head screw driver, pliers

Recommended glue: wood glue

Recommended paint: spray can rustoleum, acrylic brush paint, water color, (crayons and markers also work for the youngsters)


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